Regatta: Topper Race

We had great weather for the topper race this year; unbroken sunshine with a pleasant breeze. Four enthusiastic contestants fought for the David Walker trophy which was won by Jenny Scrimshaw.

More regatta news and photos to follow.

Yippee, we are sailing again

Sailing is resuming on Saturday 3rd April. In line with Covid guidelines, members will not be allowed indoors (except to use the toilets), so please come dressed in your sailing kit and bring your own (hot) drink.

Sailing is cancelled for the foreseeable future

We are currently in another lockdown to suppress the number of cases; as a club we have therefore cancelled all of our sessions during this time to reduce contacts and to minimise our travel. We have left the existing calendar that covers the remainder of the winter season on the website and will resume sailing as outlined in the calendar, as soon as it is safe and permissible to do so.